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The projector is a very important component. Projectors designed for cinemas do not have much light output, and it is not necessary, because it is assumed that during the projection there is no daylight in the room, which is very disturbing to the projection, but even the lighting is not intense during the projection itself. Usually only orientation lighting is switched on. Cinema projectors usually have a light output of 1-2 thousand ANSI Lumen.

Cinema projectors are most often DLP (1 or more chips). This technology offers a good image performance and, unlike the LCD technology, does not “delete” images in fast scenes.

In the cinemas, rigid canvases are used without exception. There are several reasons. Above all, due to the purpose of the room, there is no need to hide the screen somewhere in the ceiling. If you want to cover it, it is much more effective to get a curtain that can add an interesting character to the cinema.

The projection screen is straight, in 16: 9 format. Depending on the application, it is used either as a non-sound or a sound system. The canvas is perforated and speakers can be placed behind it.

The canvas can also be curved and enhance the viewing experience with a three-dimensional image.


16. 4. 2019


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