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Your own movie theater, in your house. Just a few steps and you’re in a different world. With the comfort, which is not offered by conventional home theater in your living room, it’s like the best cinema. Perfectly matched sound and big picture, the beginning of the performance just the moment you choose, comfortable armchairs in the first place with electric controls and the possibility to move according to the scene in the movie, the offer of movies from your AV server, 3D, refreshment from the cooler box, directly next to the chair and comfortable control. Everything tailored to your design, tailored to your taste. The home theater is an uncompromising home entertainment solution.

The first thing you need, in addition to money, if you want to buy your own home theater, is a suitable space. Theoretically, there is no limit on the maximum size, but you probably won’t make a cinema for 300 people. Minimum room dimensions already have their limits. It is true that the smaller the room, the smaller the picture and the smaller the audio equipment. Therefore, the home theater should not be less than 6 × 5 meters, but the ideal dimensions are somewhere between 6 × 8 and 9 × 10m. Of course, if you want to connect the cinema with a bar or a pool table, you need to add some of those meters.

The height of the room before the adjustment is then ideal between 3-4m

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16. 4. 2019


Private cinema