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The first thing that impresses in the room is its appearance. We will help you to reconcile everything to the smallest detail. Walls, acoustic panels, carpet, furniture, bar, armchairs. Everything tailored, thoughtful, functional, comfortable.

We offer a wide range of interior solutions. Wooden decorative columns with possibility of lighting integration. Acoustic panels with a decoration of your choice – either according to the sampler or with your own cover fabric. And not only that. Walls can decorate virtually any painting. Printing of special acoustic material – photography, drawing, graphics. Decorate your cinema with Louis XXIV, Star Wars or Graphite.

Perfectly matched room lighting contributes to the atmosphere. For moments when it doesn’t show up for watching movies. Starry sky, RGB LED lights, backlit chairs or podium.

The curtain is in front of the screen, which further enhances the enjoyment of the performance. Classical red, spectacular gold, or other as you wish.

The home theater is for moments of well-being, fun and relaxation. Refill it with a bar or billiards.


16. 4. 2019


Private cinema