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Oblong makes it easy to visualize all the information you need to respond quickly to situations, solve problems, and make decisions.

Oblong works alongside traditional video conferencing to enable multi‑stream collaboration. Meeting participants can share multiple streams of content, from multiple locations, all at the same time.  Innovative and more effective ways of working become possible, because when teams can see more and share more, they can do more.

Meetings are more efficient when everyone can freely contribute, even at the same time.  Simultaneous actions enable new, parallel workflows that increase team productivity.

Connect quickly and easily with common meeting tools. Join video calls and Skype for Business meetings with best in class video endpoints from Cisco and Polycom.  Schedule Mezzanine with Microsoft Outlook and start meetings with a single click.

Easily present work from your laptop by plugging in or screen sharing wirelessly.  Share up to 10 connected devices including in-room PCs, digital media players, and whiteboards.


16. 4. 2019


Commercial solutions